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2019-11-26 13:53




[Tibet. Recommendation] column for the strong dissemination effect of the collection to recommend to buyers the selected art treasures by experts at the first level of national appraisal, to bridge the gap for Tibetans, so that the value of thousands of art treasures are excavated and valued, and high-priced transactions can be concluded in the auction.


【藏品规格】直径39mm、重量27g 厚度2.5mm


[collection name] Mexican lace Eagle

[collection Specification] diameter: 39mm, weight: 27g, thickness: 2.5mm

[collection type] miscellaneous



1823年3月,随着帝国转变为联邦共和国,新国家起草一部总体宪章。试图取消自1810年以来各自为阵分裂的货币形式,使货币标准化。1823年8月1日颁布了一项法律,该法律要求共和国的所有各地的造币厂,统一使用指定发出的钱币模具。实际上是隐含承认各地造币厂合法化,在该法令中,各州可发行货币,并从其经营中获得收入。为监督各造币分厂货币的质量,宪法第50条的规定,即规范硬币的法律要求,质量, 重量,价值,种类和面额是国家的权力。

In March 1823, as the Empire was transformed into a Federal Republic, the new state drafted a General Charter. This paper attempts to abolish the form of currency which has been divided into two parts since 1810 and standardize the currency. On August 1, 1823, a law was enacted requiring mints from all parts of the Republic to use the designated dies. In fact, there is implicit recognition of the legalization of mints everywhere, in which states issue money and receive income from their operations. In order to supervise the quality of the coins of the mints, Article 50 of the Constitution stipulates that it is the power of the state to regulate the legal requirements of coins, quality, weight, value, type and denomination.


1823年, 继墨西哥城造币厂率先生产了硬币, 至1897年,其后有十三家造币厂相续投产。 而所发行的银币,由于齿边为有花饰纹被称为花边鹰洋。其币制仍保持西班牙殖民时期的里亚尔币制。但币面上的图案有所变化。描绘了墨西哥人的祖先,古阿兹特克人关于墨西哥起源的传说。展翅雄鹰,嘴叼毒蛇,一爪踩在岩石或岩石中生长的仙人掌上,一爪抓着蛇身。相传在很久很久以前,一个从阿兹特兰的地方来的游牧民族,在他们的首领特诺奇的率领下往南寻求生活的乐土。他们成群结队集体迁徙,按照太阳神维特西洛波奇特利的神谕:“当你们发现一只嘴里叼着蛇的雄鹰伫立在一棵从湖中岩石长出的仙人掌上时,这就是你们应该定居的地方”。可以说流离失所、历尽艰辛、饱尝人间疾苦。终于1325年阿兹特克人来到克斯柯科湖边,找到梦中传说的地方,建立了特诺奇提特兰城,一座巨大的人工岛,发展成了今天的墨西哥城。币背面中为自由帽,相传古罗马奴隶获得自由后,都要头戴表示已获自由的软帽。墨西哥独立后,在硬币上釆用了这一图案,以表示国家获得独立。帽的四周放射长短不一的32支光柱(代表31个州和一个联邦区),帽檐阴刻西班牙文“LIBERTAD”(自由),帽底为表示该币的面值,其下“8R”是货币面额,“8R”(西班牙货币单位是里尔R,重3.38克,8R为最大面值,合27.04克)。 “Mo或其它标记”为生产厂缩写标记。其后是生产年份、造币厂批量生产中检验员的姓名缩写字母、而“10Ds 20Gs”,为当时墨西哥采用的为中世纪贵金属纯度,打兰Dineros, 格令Granos标准。12打兰为100%纯银,12打兰又分为24格令,(10*24 +20)/(12*24)=0.902666≈0.9027。所以克劳斯目录等标注的花边鹰洋标准含银量为90.3%,币重27.07克,每个含纯银24.444克。

In 1823, following the production of coins by Mr. koji, a mint in Mexico City, 13 mints were put into production in 1897 And the silver coins issued are called lace Eagle ocean because of the decorative pattern on the teeth. Its currency system still maintained the real system of Spanish colonial period. But the pattern on the coin has changed. It depicts the legend of the origin of Mexico by the ancestors of Mexicans, the ancient Aztecs. The eagle spreads its wings, with a snake in its mouth. One claw steps on the rock or the cactus growing in the rock, and the other claws on the snake's body. It is said that a long time ago, a nomadic people from aztran, under the leadership of their leader tenoch, went south to seek a paradise for life. They moved in groups, according to the oracle of the sun god vitello pochtali: "when you find an eagle with a snake in its mouth standing on a cactus growing out of a rock in the lake, this is where you should settle down.". It can be said that they have been displaced, experienced hardships and suffered human suffering. Finally, in 1325, the Aztecs came to the lakeside of Koko, found the legendary place in their dreams, and established the city of Tenochtitlan, a huge artificial island, which has developed into today's Mexico City. The reverse of the coin is a free hat. It is said that the slaves in ancient Rome should wear a soft hat to show that they have been free. After Mexico's independence, this pattern was used on the coins to indicate the independence of the country. The cap is surrounded by 32 light pillars of varying lengths (representing 31 states and a federal district). The brim is engraved with Spanish "Libertad" (free), the bottom of the cap is the face value of the coin, and the lower "8R" is the face value of the coin, "8R" (the Spanish currency unit is LILR, weighing 3.38g, 8R is the maximum face value, 27.04g) "Mo or other mark" is the abbreviation mark of the manufacturer. It was followed by the year of production, the initials of the inspectors in the mass production of the mint, and "10ds 20gs", which was the standard adopted by Mexico at that time for the purity of precious metals in the middle ages, dianeros and Granos. 12 Turan is 100% pure silver, 12 Turan is divided into 24 grains, (10 * 24 + 20) / (12 * 24) = 0.902666 ≈ 0.9027. Therefore, the standard silver content of the lace Eagle ocean marked in the Claus catalogue is 90.3%, the coin weighs 27.07g, each containing 24.444g pure silver.

墨西哥人发挥自己所长,利用有充足的银资源和现成的技术,严格规定每一批鹰洋的成色,为确保鹰洋的含银比例达到90.7777%。责任落实到每个验金师,以及请销售方参与,同时要求将每批次质验师的缩写标识刻在模具上(如每换一炉原料、每换一次模具就算另一批次),故每枚鹰洋上都有验金师的姓名,保证了鹰洋生产的制作规范和含银量高的品质。使鹰洋由贴水银币变为升水银币,并占据了在中国流通的主要位置。花边鹰洋发行历时75年,其发行时间之长,在世界中少见。早期鹰洋因为在中国流通少, 时间太长而损毁也多, 收藏较困难。由于鹰和蛇各种姿态差异、同一造币厂,不同的年份、相同年份,不同的造币厂、同一造币厂,不同的首字母表示的检验员名、边齿纹饰,为收藏者创造题材产生了无限的空间,是在我国最有影响之力的外国银币。

Mexicans give full play to their own advantages, make use of sufficient silver resources and ready-made technology, and strictly regulate the quality of each batch of Yingyang, so as to ensure that the silver content of Yingyang reaches 90.7777%. The responsibility is assigned to each gold inspector and the seller is invited to participate. At the same time, the abbreviated identification of each batch of quality inspectors is required to be engraved on the mold (for example, every furnace of raw materials and every mold change is another batch). Therefore, each Yingyang has the name of the gold inspector, which ensures the production specification and high silver content quality of Yingyang. It changed Yingyang's silver coin of discount into silver coin of rising water, and occupied the main position of circulation in China. It took 75 years to issue lace in Yingyang, which is rare in the world. In the early days, Yingyang was less popular in China, and it was damaged for a long time, making it difficult to collect. Due to the different postures of eagle and snake, the same mint, different years, the same year, different mints, the same mint, different initials representing the name of the inspector, the border and teeth ornamentation, creating infinite space for collectors to create themes, is the most influential foreign silver coin in China.


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